Installing CO2 system

Is your CO2 system OK? any leakage?
Procedure to check on leakage:
1. Check regulator’s washer / o-ring condition. Is it any crack or damage?
2. Tighten the nuts to connect regulator and CO2 cylinder. Turn On the main valve and needle shall be pointing to 1000 kg/cm2. Do you hear any gas “psssss….” sound?
3. Turn off the main valve at CO2 cylinder. Leave them overnight. Second day, is reading still 1000?
4. Connect chek valve, bubble counter and diffuser. Turn on the regulator so diffuser make bubbles. Dip everything into a bucket of water (Do not put in Co2 cylinder and regulator). Does any connections has bubble coming out?

How to connect Co2 system:
Sorry temporary i using other people picture.
CO2 Cylinder >> Manual regulator >> check valve >> bubble counter >> check valve(optional) >> diffuser


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  1. Annase says:

    Hi there. My tank is roughly 25l. How long would a 4lb steel co2 system last with 1 bps? Thanks

  2. Chris Koh says:

    hi weijie, help! my solenoid leaking. and i found out the part which connect to cylinder is crack & the rubber + oring broken. is it comment problem?

    I screw to tight?

    Hope part can be replace. picture refer to my facebook. TQ

    • WeiJieTew says:

      hi chris
      sorry for late reply. just saw your msg here.
      you mean the metal part is cracked or the oring only?
      first time i saw ppl screw too tight until that metal crack lol. i will try to ask around for replacement. do you have any spare manual regulator for time being?

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