This is journal about setting up my new 3 feet planted aquarium.
Aquarium: Standard 3 feet. (36inch x 18inch x 18inch)
Volume: 50gallon
Light: (2x55w PLL) + (2x36w PLL) = 182Watt, 7 hours per day
Filter: 1200L/H
CO2 System: Pressurize CO2 cylinder 6kg, solenoid, pressurize air hose.
Substrate: 3 x used ADA Amazonia II, ADA Powder(6x Bacter 100, 3x Penac W, 3x Penac P, 3x Clear Super, 3x Tourmaline BC), Crushed lava rock base

I use shower bubblemaker net to keep all crushed lava rocks (total 5kgs).
3 bags of crushed lava rock is place at the back to save my soil to make slope.
Sequence from bottom to top: crushed lava rocks, ADA bacteria powder, ADA Amazonia II

Straight after water is added, kick start filter.

Water much clearer now.

Added a few guppy from my old aquarium to test water.
Added plants: Flame moss, Subwaserrtang, and xmas moss

28 August 2011:
Added some rotala, weeping moss, willow moss, mini pelia
Hardscape : OHKO rocks
Background : Black sticker from local fish shop
29 August 2011:
Added: Downoi, mini hairgrass

7 Sept 2011:
Added cherry shrimps


Current plant:
a.Rotala Rotundifolia
b.Scrophulariaceae Sp. (Vietnam)
c.Rotala Macrandra ‘green’
d.Rotala Rotundifolia (Green)
e.Hemianthus Micranthemoides
f.Pogostemon sp. Banbien Laos

a.Flame moss
b.Mini fissiden
c.Willow moss
d.Xmas moss
e.Spicky moss

b.Japanese hairgrass

Messy tank after my 1week vacation:

after some trimming, water still little bit cloudy, slowly improving.

This planted tank was sold to a friend on 29 September 2012.
Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚


29 responses »

  1. lan says:

    nice bro… i hope soon my tank can be like yours..

  2. chae says:

    how much is the initial cost to setup 4 feet aqua like this?

  3. kenny says:

    i never knew you use lava stone to save soil…nice idea..
    besides lava stone, any other thing i could probably use? for low budget

    • WeiJieTew says:

      hi kenny,
      i dont know anything else that suitable to replace lava rocks.
      you may replace them with waterfall rocks, but that will be very troublesome since you need to test with vinegar one by one before puttting into your aquarium.

  4. mizzi says:

    Nice planted tanks you got there. Just wonder whether you use chiller to achive the result shown.

    • WeiJieTew says:

      Hi Mizzi,
      No, i dont use chiller. i not recommend planted tank keepers to use chiller because it consume a lot of electricity. Normally hobbyist will use chiller if they want to keep CRS.

  5. faris says:

    hi weiji.this tank lighting is 1watt/liter could u grow japaness hg. coz i see ur plant section,u state that jhg need 2-3 watt/l. i stil confius with the lighting formula

  6. faris says:

    so the high lighting is 1watt/l and 2-3watt/gll?how about moderate and low

  7. faris says:

    additional question.what do u mean by high and moderate co2?
    how much buble per second,and diy categorized in which level?

    • WeiJieTew says:

      you need to measure using co2 indicator.
      1.5bps might considered as medium in HC 2ft tank but it very high for a moss tank with same aquarium size.
      Basically, we dont care where does your co2 comes from. we need to know the bps and your specific tank spec.

  8. sky yip says:

    Hi Weijie
    On yr substrate, you mention “ADA Powder(6x Bacter 100, 3x Penac W, 3x Penac P, 3x Clear Super, 3x Tourmaline BC)”. The 6x / 3x is bottle qty or scoop calculation?
    Newbie here, planning to setup a 3ft tank soon.

    • WeiJieTew says:

      Hi yip,
      the 3x is according to scoops. normally i would suggest clients to buy more for 3ft tank because it will help maintain your tank longer.
      i using such low quantity because i planning to move house 1year after when i was setting up my 3ft tank.
      let me know your budget, maybe i can quote you a good price. i selling everything you need in planted tank, from aquarium to plants.

  9. wilson says:

    hi weijie, planning to get 3 ft tank soon. could you please list down all the necessary stuff that is required with the price? all the equipments, substrate, etc ..
    appreciate it!

  10. nathan b says:

    hi, wondering what brand, and model of the light. i would like to get the same one!
    thanks, nathan

  11. please clarify me the amount of substrate i use for my 3 feet aquarium.

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