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– schedule of completion : End/July 2012 –

Basic rules that if you want to keep shrimps: (taken from ShrimpNow !!!)
1. Treat shrimp as other animals with love and respect.
2. Gather as much knowledge as possible on shrimp and share it with others.
3. Prefer keeping one shrimp species per tank and don’t mix everything up – especially when you are not sure about crossbreeding.
4. Quarantine new arriving shrimp and ill shrimp.
5. Keep the water in good condition and adapt water parameter for sensible species. Do water changes to lower harmful bacteria populations. Use a good filtration and check water parameter regularly.
6. Stock density in tanks should be appropriate to shrimp size, shrimp behavior, and tank filtration – it should be adequate.
7. Use breeding boxes only temporary for targeted mating, if you cannot relinquish on it anyway.
8. Offer hiding places and rest areas for your shrimp.
9. Feed your shrimp regularly, but do not overfeed as you will have leftover and toxic waste, raising nitrate.
10. Adapt tank lighting to natural day light conditions. Do not keep them in totally darkness 24/7 or permanent lighting. Besides, use natural light spectrum and no extreme lighting like infrared or UV light to raise offspring mutation rate artificially.
11. Abandon also any cruel experiments with radiation, chemical substances, and other artificial stimulations to raise mutation rate with environmental factors
12. Healthiness comes first in shrimp breeding and is more important than color and pattern – do not forget! Do not breed freak shrimp and reject deformities, infertile and crippled shrimp.
13. Do not dye your shrimp with chemicals. If you use organic food to make a better coloration, do not pretend that coloration comes from genes; be honest!
14. When shipping shrimp, stick to the latest how-to: Use Styrofoam boxes, breathing bags, heat packs/cool packs and keep stock density per bag low.
15. Add live plants in your shrimp aquarium, low maintenance ones will work, it helps to pull down the nitrite level, and stem plants do this most faster.
16. Always buy your shrimps from a reputation source and properly acclimatize them using drip method.
17. Cycle your tank for a good duration, this helps in establishing the bacteria colony.
18. Mix their diet and vegetable based food brings out their best color.
19. Don’t give up, during your time keeping shrimp unfortunately many will die due to mistakes you have made. Instead of becoming angry and giving up, learn from your mistake and persevere. A lot of problems of shrimp deaths are mysterious, but research and common sense will always prevail. When shrimp begin to die, instead of blaming mysterious disease or Mother Nature, first try to remember what you have put into the tank recently. Maybe a new rock or piece of driftwood was added and had something toxic soaked into it, or it is changing water chemistry too quickly.


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