Algae is the most common headache in aquarium keepers.
Some local fish shop recommend all kinds of liquid algae remover solution. But however, algae come back every time it is eliminated.
There is one simple reason: You never solve the ROOT CAUSE!

algae outbreak might caused by several reasons: light hours too long, expose to sunlight, Co2 overdose, ammonia spike, inefficient filter system.

There are few types of fishes/shrimps is added into planted aquarium to eat algae. This is the most ecological friendly and money saving way!

Candidate 1: Yamato Shrimp
Scientific name: ‘Caridina japonica’
Diet: Black Brush Algea(BBA), hair algae, ….

Also known as Amano Shrimp (scientific name: Caridina japonica). The diet of Yamato shrimps consist primarily of algae. However, if algae is scarce, yamato shrimps will turn to moss. So, if your aquarium has little algae, just put one or two yamato is enough. I prefer buying younger yamato shrimps as they are more hardworking.

Candidate 2: Siamese Algae Eater (SAE)
Scientific name: ‘Crossocheilus siamensis’
Diet: Black Brush Algea (BBA), …

SAE has a brother that looks 90% similar to it (called flying fox). SAE is recommended by most planted tank keepers because they eat more variety of algae compare to flying fox. Cautions: if it is grown to 2 inches, buy new SAE to replace! Big SAE will go for moss instead of algae.

Candidate 3: OTTO
Scientific name: ‘Otocinclus Affinis’
Diet: Green spot algae, Brown algae, Diatom

OTTO is the most peaceful fish in planted aquarium. It can mixed with anything, tetras, guppies, shrimps, snails. They eat green spot algae that stick to your aquarium wall or stones.

Candidate 4: Nerite Snail
Scientific name: ‘Nerita sp.’
Diet: Most kinds of algae

Nerite snails would be the most pretty kind snails in planted tank. They clean up all your left over fish foods, dead leaves, and green algeas.

Candidate 5: American Flag Fish
Scientific name: ‘Jordanella floridae’
Diet: Most kinds of algae

American Flag Fish seems like a good candidate to put inside a planted tank, but they will be aggressive to other fishes if your aquarium is packed! I had experience adding 1 pair of american flag fish to my 2 feet tank, then next day all my guppies has broken tails and fins 😦

Non candidate 1: Flying fox
Scientific name: ”
Flying Fox has yellowish belly when they are adults. They look exactly same as SAE when young!

Non candidate 2: Chinese Algae eater
Scientific name: ”

Non candidate 3: Albino Algae Eater
Scientific name: ”
Diet: algea

Non candidate 4: Mini Puffer
Scientific name: ”
Diet: small snails, other fishes tails, other fishes

This cute little thing is actually a demon! At first it will help clean up all stray snails in your aquarium. Then it attack other fishes by eating their tails, then it will eventually kill your fishes!


4 responses »

  1. faiz says:

    dear weijie…just crush with the otto…how large is it??can fit my 2ft tank with tiger barb??do u sell this otto…

    • WeiJieTew says:

      hi faiz,
      it is about 2cm long.
      tiger barb might be aggressive. i havent keep tiger barb together with otto before.
      sorry i dont sell otto for time being. you need to get them from local fish shop.

  2. ungku87 says:

    Hi WeiJie, which fish can put in saltwater?,

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