Aquarium size: 1.5feet (length) x 1.5feet (height) x 1.5feet (width)
Light: 2 x 55W PLL 10000k + T8 15W 7500k, 8 hours per day
Filter: Eheim 2215 + Eheim 2028
Substrate : Lava rock base + ADA 5 element + ADA Amazonia II top
CO2: 2bps, plastic diffuser, 8 hours per day.
Water Change: 10 – 20% weekly
Water Temperature: 28Celcius
Scape: OHKO or Dragon rock

Photos of my aquarium:

My lousy setup (March 2011).





Cardinal Tetra

Fire Red Shrimp

06/12/2011 – Found a baby assasin snail in my 2feet tank 🙂


Pearling of Rotala.
“Pearl” is actually bubbles of oxygen formed by plants when they do rapid photosynthesis. This is a very good sign that the plants enjoying your co2 supply and water flow.


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  1. jonathan says:

    nice tank you got there

  2. WeiJieTew says:

    Hi Al,
    there are some plants that can survive without co2 supply.
    But remember that co2 is one of the main ingredient for plants to make photosynthesis.
    Some ppl start their planted tank with DIY co2, then convert to CO2 tank in few months later.

    Thanks 🙂

  3. hi wei jie..nice tank u hv..i just started this hobby last week, n its so addicted!!! i wish i have more money to spend on..hahaha..

  4. Badrain says:

    Hi Wei Jie,

    Could you tell me what is the different between manual and solenoid regulator? Thought to have one of this. I got 4 feet tank can I use 3kg Co2 tank?

    • WeiJieTew says:

      hi Badrain,
      manual regulator you need to turn on and off the main valve everyday by yourself. because we only want co2 during light on period.
      as for solenoid, it will automatically on/off because the opening is control by electric. you shall attach solenoid power to light to share same timer.
      yes, 4feet can use 3kg tank. but it will finish fast. i recommend you to go for 6kg + solenoid. Rm250 + Rm250 = Rm470 (after discount, self pick up at equine park seri kembangan).
      you can also take my co2 package, Rm460 + Rm70 for converting 4kg tank to 6kg.

  5. badrain says:

    Hi Wei,

    Badrain again, just bought Co2 (set B)from u yesterday (at Petronas Sri Kembangan)and I already install and everything fined.
    TQ Bro.

  6. wan says:

    awesome tank!!1
    i juz want to start this hobby…
    can u suggest me what type of lighting..to grow hc n dwarf hair grass
    my tank is about 1.5 ft…the price also??

    • WeiJieTew says:

      hi wan,
      thanks for the compliment. had you brought anything related to planted tank?
      if not, i suggest you go for 2feet. it is much easier to find the accesories which is specially designed for planted tank.
      for light 1.5feet, i only has T5HO, 16w x2, Rm110

    • WeiJieTew says:

      hi wan,
      1.5feet is hard to get accessories. you have only one type of light to use, which is 16w x2, i dont feel this is good enough for you to grow high light demanding plants.

  7. Elmarie says:

    Hi am am from Namibia Windhoek . I want to knew i have a Albino Algea eater and i think he is dominand thowards other fish. Why ? He chase all new fish in my tank .Can you help me to find a solution or a explanation for his behaviour.

  8. Calv says:

    What is the plant behind the fire red shrimp?

  9. zam says:

    do u sell large lava rock?

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