Welcome to AquascapeWorld.

My name is Wei Jie from Selangor Malaysia.

I been keeping fish since kid. During my university time, i come across this new hobby called aquascaping (or planted tank) . It is a combination of keeping plants and aquatic live stocks in aquarium. Some basic knowledge is required before start getting your gears.

In this wordpress, i will give brief explanation about what is essential for planted tank and what is luxuries. All guidelines provided is based on my research and personal experience. I don’t mind other people comment about my work, but please do it in a polite way šŸ™‚

Planted tank related information, Please read through Introduction.section!
This will help you clear out lots of doubts!
All guidelines and price is for reference only.

I am experienced online seller.
My previous history in other forum: right click + open new Tab >> Lowyat Forum

I provide service to setup a new planted tank. Kindly drop me an email for inquires.

Find me at Facebook : Aquascape World

Hope you guys enjoy this blog.


About WeiJieTew

Amateur planted tank keeper.

3 responses »

  1. iBob says:

    This feller provide good product at a best price for fresh water tank.

  2. Chim Leong says:

    Highly recommend seller!

    Wei Jie bro, keep up the good work.. šŸ™‚

  3. Alvaro says:

    Wow! This blog looks certainly excellent. I am so grateful to my
    web browser for having unintentionally landed on this web page.

    The written content looks excellent and I will certainly keep
    coming back again and again!

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